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Whu should you invest in real estate in Lviv ?

Would you like to be the owner of a beautiful apartment in the city centre of Lviv in Ukraine? Attorney’s Bureau “Demidont and partners” is offering support during the whole process of purchasing and managing the real estate. The quarantine has influenced the real estate market very significantly, with prices sometimes going down more than two times. This is very beneficial for those who would like to purchase an apartment in Lviv.

We offer full support during the purchasing process and further on, we will help to arrange the process of renting it out for touristic purposes to the guests visiting Lviv. With this business the profit per year amounts up to 10% of the investment sum. Therefore, your apartment will pay for itself within ten years.

Why should you decide to do it:

Accessible location - 2-hour flight from Amsterdam to Kyiv, 3 hours from Amsterdam to Lviv (through Warsaw or Kyiv)

Documentation in Dutch, Polish, English, and Ukrainian

Visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine. In case it will be necessary - we will arrange a residence permit

Tourist boom in Lviv- 2,5 million tourists in 2019

Low prices of living and entertainment

Local hospitality

What can you expect in return:

We take care of the whole process of purchasing the apartment: introduction to property owners, drafting the contract, registration of property rights

We organise and supervise the reconstruction and interior design

We manage the whole process of property management and renting it out to tourists

You will receive up to 10% profit from the sum of your investment every year, depending on the property type. The apartment will pay back within 10 years.

If you are interested - please send an email to


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