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1% refund on first property purchase: instruction

When buying property in Ukraine, everyone has to pay 1% of its price to the Ukrainian Pension fund. However, if it’s your first property - you are entitled for a refund of that amount. It has to be paid upfront because without it the notary will not approve your contract.

In order to receive the refund of that 1% which was paid to the Pension fund, you will need to do the following:

  1. Submit a request to the Pension fund

  2. You will most certainly get a rejection and will have to submit a claim to the administrative court about the refund

  3. When your claim is satisfied by the court - the Pension fund will give an order to execute the refund

You have 6 months to submit a claim to the court after you receive a rejection from the Pension fund about the refund.

You will need the following documents attached to your claim:

  1. Passport, taxpayer’s code

  2. Receipt confirming the payment of 1% property price to the Pension fund

  3. Excerpt from the State registry of property right confirming that it is the first property you purchased

  4. Rejection from the Pension fund

  5. Receipt confirming the payment of the court tax

The chances are high that you will get a satisfactory court decision already in the first instance. Based on some formalities you can be rejected and can always appeal.

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