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Attorney’s bureau “Demidont and partners” will provide support to your business and represent at courts, law-enforcement bodies, state or local government bodies.

We work in the spheres of entrepreneurship, personal legal relations, including banks, insurance cases and traffic accidents, criminal offences. Legal help is not limited to only courts.

We will promptly and qualitatively solve your set tasks in compliance with high professional and ethical standards in our work.

More than 10 years of legal practice, hundreds of satisfied clients in Ukraine and abroad.

“Demidaont and partners” Attorney’s Bureau


Demidont and Partners Law Office


First of all - your protection and representation with comprehensive and approachable understanding of your case. We implement the obligation to stand for your rights and legal interests honestly, cleverly and faithfully with all means that are not prohibited by law.

During the multiannual practice we created and continue to create for you a great number of positive results in court cases and solving complicated problems with unconventional methods. Every day we help you in an effective and prompt way with requests of any complexity.

We pursue the goal - to find a personal approach to you and suggest individual decisions for every task, even in, at a first glance, hopeless cases.

In our work we aim for the result and not the process. We openly inform you about the risks and their probable occurrence, we warn you about the consequences, giving you the possibility to choose an optimal strategy, taking into account all the peculiarities.



Bogdan Demidont

Executive director, attorney

A professional in different areas of law, among which mostly specialised in criminal and bankruptcy cases.

More than once he was a speaker at different round tables, conferences, trainings, including education courses for representatives of state government bodies.

Bohdan has on his account won cases at the Supreme court in disputes with big business and state government. Taking into account his constant striving to investigate the subtleties of jurisprudence, among the victories of Bohdan are curious and unconventional cases, which are usually considered hopeless.

He possesses a great experience in conducting projects on counteracting raider seizures and unlawful expropriation of property. He is successful in defence in criminal cases and administrative offences, including with a corruption composition.


Lviv national university of Ivan Franko

Law faculty

Master of laws

Interregional academy of personnel management

Business manager


Interregional academy of personnel management



Interregional academy of personnel management
Finance economist
Junior specialist


Attorney’s license acquired in 2012. Practice and court representation since 2009.


Value 01.


Constant informational connection with our clients is very important for the successful project implementation: we notify the client about the various aspects of case implementation, about the plans and actions strategies, legislation changes, which can be applied to their activity and the case, means and methods which we implement and other important information.

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