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When are you in violation of Ukrainian migration laws?

When foreigners come to Ukraine with a tourist visa or under a visa-free regime, it can happen that they get carried away and overstay the allowed period of time.

Tourist visa contains a definite validity period, on the last day of which you have to leave the country.

Citizens of countries with which Ukraine has a visa-free regime may stay for three months in Ukraine. This period counts from the day they entered Ukraine. On the last day of the allowed three months they have to leave the country.

It happens quite often that foreigners who entered Ukraine as above decide to stay longer - usually they want to extend their stay only a few days before they are obliged to leave.

This is a reminder that everyone who entered as a tourist HAS to leave and get a special visa outside Ukraine for entering for different reasons. There are only very few exceptions to this rule. This list is comprehensive and exclusive, there CAN BE NO, absolutely no other reasons for extending your stay, except only if you:

  • Need medical treatment

  • Are pregnant and cannot travel or are about to give birth

  • Need to take care of a sick relative

  • Need to accept inheritance in Ukraine

  • Need to stay as a journalist

If these circumstances above are applicable to you - you have to submit the supporting documents to the iimigration authorities THREE DAYS before your visa expires or you are otherwise required to leave.

If you fail to comply with the Ukrainian migration rules - you will be forcefully sent back to your country of residence and will also have to reimburse the costs of the whole procedure.

There are many possibilities to stay in Ukraine longer than three months - we wrote about them several times and you can find these articles on our website.

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