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When can you be banned from leaving the country?

According to Article 33 of the Constitution of Ukraine, everyone, who legally resides on the territory of Ukraine, is granted the freedom of movement, freedom of choice of the residence place, freedom to leave the territory of Ukraine, except for restrictions, established by law.

The procedure of leaving the territory of Ukraine and temporary restriction thereof are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On the procedure of leaving and entering Ukraine for Ukrainian citizens”.

In Article 6 of this Law are defined the grounds for temporary restriction of the right of Ukrainian citizens to leave Ukraine:

  • The citizens is aware of information that constitutes a state secret

  • There is a preemptive measure applied to a Ukrainian citizen in an order defined by the criminal procedural law, according to which he is banned from leaving Ukraine - until the criminal procedure is completed or the restriction is levied

  • In case a citizen has been sentenced to a punishment for committing a criminal offence - until he has served his sentence or the restriction has been levied

  • If the citizen is avoiding fulfilling his obligations, foreseen by the court’s decision or by the decision of a different institution (state servant), which is mandatory according to law - until he completes his obligation or pays the full sum of alimonies

  • The citizen is under administrative supervision of State police - until the supervision is suspended.

If you have faced a situation where you weren’t allowed to leave Ukraine - you can either comply with this decision and fulfill the obligations that are mandatory or complain against the ban to leave Ukraine to the administrative court. If it will be proved that the ban to leave has been groundless - you will be entitled to compensation from the state.

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