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Becoming a military contractor

Yesterday Ukraine marked the Day of the Ukrainian Defenders. For several years already there has been no compulsory mobilisation. And while the international military aid for Ukraine has not entailed the physical presence of foreign combatants - however, Ukraine greatly relies on volunteers. Here is what a foreigner can expect when he joins the Ukrainian army as a contractor:

  1. You can stay in Ukraine if you have served three and more years in the Ukrainian army

  2. You also get a residence permit if you are serving as an instructor/trainer to the Ukrainian army

  3. When you are serving in the army - you get an immunity. This mean you cannot be arrested without a court decision

  4. Tax benefits

  5. Pension

  6. Paid vacation

There are also other benefits that concern the families of military contractors as well, regarding housing, travel, education, legal aid, health care and priority rights when arranging civil facilities for them.

For the whole duration of the contract with the military you/your family is provided with housing. If you decide to serve more than 10 years - you will have the right to keep the housing and become its official owner.

The requirements for getting enrolled in the army with a contract are:

  • Age - younger than 45

  • Professional, physical and psychological fitness

  • Probation period of 2 months


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