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What lawyers do

Sometimes it happens that clients have quite unrealistic expectations about what a lawyer can do to protect their interests. Some people think that lawyers have a magic wand that makes all problems go away in an instant or prevent them from happening at all.

In some cases this might lead to a misunderstanding, therefore here is a short explanation of what lawyers actually do:

  • Lawyers give legal evaluations of current situations of their clients and provide an advice on the next steps

  • A lawyer represents his client in state institutions (courts, police and prosecutor’s offices, etc.)

  • Lawyers can participate in negotiations with his client’s business partners

  • Lawyers draft contracts/complaints/requests/claims

What lawyers DO NOT do:

  • Work as their client’s secretary (reminding him of things he has to do or order things for him)

  • Participate in brawls. When you are having a fight with someone - first call the police if you think it’s threatening. Then when the police register a violation - call a lawyer

  • Give bribes to judges/police/prosecutors/etc.

  • Forge documents or signatures

Please respect the contract with your lawyer and remember that a lawyer cannot do things for you on which you didn’t agree in the contract.


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