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The necessary steps to hire personnel for your business in Ukraine

If you decide to set up a company in Ukraine - you will need employees. There are several steps you will need to take in order to get it done:

1. Arranging an order of employment (the official decision of the employer to employ somebody)

2. Signing an employment contract with the employee (in two copies)

3. Informing the fiscal authority about hiring the employee

These are the necessary documents for signing an employment contract:

1. A valid passport or other identification

2. The employment book (this is a special document in Ukraine, which is issued by the first employer and were all the main employment records are kept)

3. Tax number

4. If required, depending on the position - also the education documents, qualification documents or a health certificate have to be provided

5. If this employment will not be the primary job for the employee - he/she has to provide a copy of the employment book with his/her main employment record or a certificate from his/her main place of work

6. If an employee has underage children, has the right to any kind of welfare or has a disability - he/she has to provide the relevant documents

The employment contract has to contain provisions that specify the employee’s responsibilities, salary and vacation (not less than 24 days per year). Some companies also need to conclude a non-disclosure contract with their employees to protect their trade secrets and other intellectual property.

The fiscal authority has to be notified about the employment before the employee starts working.

Another important thing is the employment record in the employment book - it has to be strictly in accordance with the Professions classification DK 003:2010. Be sure to write down the position correctly because it may play a big role in the employee’s further career development.


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