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Stock company in Ukraine

A stock company is a business association, the statutory capital of which is divided into a defined number of shares that have the same nominal value and state the corporate rights of their holders.

The shareholders are not responsible for the obligations of the stock company and hold the risk of loss related to the company’s activity only within the limit of their shares.

Who can become a shareholder?

  • A person

  • A legal entity

  • The state

  • The community

Which types of stock companies are there?

  • Public stock companies

  • Private stock companies

A stock company can be founded by one, two or more persons.

The founders of the stock company can conclude a founding contract, in which they can define the order of conducting the common corporate activity regarding the creation of a stock company, the number, type and class of shares, which can be purchased by every founder, the nominal value and purchase value of these shares, the term and form of the shares’ value payment, the contract duration. Such a contract should be concluded in writing. If the stock company is created by physical persons - their signatures in this contract should be notarised. If the stock company is created by one person - the founding contract is not necessary.

What should the founders do next?

  • Conduct the shares’ emission

  • Conduct the constituent assembly

  • Conduct the state registration of the stock company

When the stock company is founded - its shares are made available exclusively to its founders. The public offer of such shares can be made after the company obtains a registration certificate of the first shares’ emission.

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