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Purchasing land in Ukraine

Foreigners are very limited in their rights to purchase land in Ukraine. They can buy only two types of land:

Any land within the territory of the city, except for agricultural land

Land outside the territory of the city (except for agricultural land) under the condition that there is immovable property situated on such land, which belongs to the foreigner.

Therefore, foreigners may buy only such land, which is directly permitted by law.

In order to purchase land in Ukraine, foreigners have to make sure they know the correct answers to two important questions:

  • Which category of land is it?

  • Where is it situated?

Regarding the first question: there are 9 categories of land in Ukraine. In order to understand, to which category does the land belong, it is necessary to study the land title. It is also possible to use the open data - The State land register. This register should contain the information on the category of land.

Information on the land location can be found in the land title. Usually it contains information about the administrative unit, within which the land is located (city, district, village, etc.).

It is recommended to work together with a lawyer when studying the land title.

Which documents does a foreigner need for the purchase of land?

A valid passport or other document confirming the legality of a foreigner’s stay in Ukraine

Tax number, issued by the Ukrainian Tax authority

Keep in mind that any agreement, based on which a foreigner acquires land (purchase-sale agreement, exchange, gift, rent), should be notarized. Such agreements are registered in the Land register.

Which documents are required for the purchase-sale agreement?

  • Seller’s documents, which confirm the land ownership

  • Seller’s passport and tax number

  • If the seller is married - the marriage certificate

  • Wife’s/husband’s consent to the land sale

  • A document confirming that the land is not subject to mortgage or arrest

  • Evaluation report

  • Excerpt from the State land register


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