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How to hire a foreigner in Ukraine

Are you thinking of moving to Ukraine? You might want to look into the employment rules that will apply to you.

Every foreigner or stateless person who has a permanent residence permit or a refugee certificate has the right to be employed in Ukraine. This means that apart from work you already have a valid reason to stay in Ukraine.

In all other cases the employer has to ask for permission to hire foreigners for each specific vacancy from the state employment service. He also has to prove that there are no other suitable candidates or that it is necessary to hire a foreigner.

The employer also has to pay a fee for every employment permit - four minimum salaries. Such a permit is valid for a year and can be renewed. The renewal also comes at a fee, which is even higher - six minimum salaries. It might happen that the potential employer will ask the foreigner to pay the fee himself.

Also, as in many other countries, there are high requirements for the salary a foreign employee will get - it has to be at least ten minimum salaries (around 60 000 UAH).

There are, however, many categories of foreigners who don’t need employment permits. These are:

Representatives of foreign water transport or air companies who work for these companies in Ukraine

Foreign mass media employees which have Ukrainian accreditation

Sportsmen who acquired professional status, performers and artists for work in Ukraine

Emergency services employees for performing urgent works

Employees of foreign representations, registered in Ukraine

Priests, if invited by official religious organisations

Foreigners who arrived to Ukraine for implementing international development aid projects

Foreigners who arrived to teach or conduct a research at professional and higher education establishments

As you can see, it’s not that easy to find a job in Ukraine for a foreigner. Nevertheless, there are several categories of foreigners who fall under special rules of obtaining a work permit:

Highly paid professionals

Founders or participants or beneficiaries of companies, founded in Ukraine

Graduates from the top one hundred universities of the world

Creative professionals (artists, performers, musicians)

Foreign IT specialists

We hope this information was useful. Good luck in your search.


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