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Bitcoin mining in Ukraine

We have an interesting investment proposal for those who are interested in Bitcoin mining.

“Mine in Ukraine” – is an investment project about generating Bitcoins in Ukraine. The price for commercial energy in Ukraine is very low and now it’s 4,11 EUR per MegaWatt = 1000 KiloWatt. With these prices the profit amounts to more than you would expect.

Bitcoin mining is a relatively new and unrestricted field of commercial activity in Ukraine, which opens a lot of opportunities. Cryptocurrency mining is absolutely legal in Ukraine. The fact that cryptocurrency is not recognized as an asset, means that there is no need to declare the profit and pay any taxes. From the legal point of view, the crypto mining farm can be registered as a data processing center.

Using a Ukrainian based company it is possible to transfer investments and funds needed to buy or to rent a real estate and to buy the needed equipment. There are no taxes on investment in Ukraine. With this company, you can also order reconstruction or other works and in the future use it to hire employees.

For launching the “Mine in Ukraine” project we are looking for four investors, each of them should be able to make an investment in order to buy the equipment, secure the premises and pay the rent for one year.

What will you get:

All the necessary equipment for generating Bitcoins

Security and rent of the premises


Online wallet for storing Bitcoins

Extra profit in the first year of “Mine in Ukraine” project, further on the profit will depend on the energy and Bitcoin prices

Interested? Send us an email to


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