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What happens to the new laws at the Parliament?

In our previous post we explained who has the right to initiate laws and what happens when they are first submitted to the Parliament (

After several Parliamentary committees have reviewed the initiated laws, the relevant committee in charge has to prepare a conclusion on the relevance for such new law to be included into the Parliamentary agenda. As some more checks on the formalities of the legislative procedure are being done - the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries, other state institutions and non-governmental organisations can express their opinions on the relevance of the new law.

The chief Parliamentary committee then holds a preliminary consideration of the initiated law together with the person who submitted it and if necessary - with the Cabinet of Ministers representative, ministries, other state institutions and non-governmental organisations, as well as experts and specialists.

Other committees may also hold such a session and submit their own conclusions to the chief Parliamentary committee.

After the chief Parliamentary committee has made its final conclusion, the Parliament has to make a decision to include the initiated law into its agenda at its plenary session.

The Parliament then launches a separate legislative case for each new law. It includes all the previously submitted documents, as well as the proposals of the President. This legislative case is further sent to all the members of the Parliament by email.

Next the Parliament adopts the new law in three readings while also requesting its scientific and legal examination before every stage:

  • First reading - discussion on the main principles, provisions, criteria and structure of the initiated law and taking them as the basis for further readings

  • Second reading - discussion per article and law’s adoption in the second reading

  • Third reading - law’s adoption as a whole or returning it for improvement

If there were no objections in the second reading already and the law contains not more than 100 articles - it can be adopted at this stage already.


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