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Registering a company in The Netherlands

Demidont and partners works together with a Dutch law firm Erga Omnes on cases within the European Union. The Netherlands are very attractive for doing business. It has a very dense market with numerous opportunities for profitable investment projects.

The most suitable legal entity form for operating in The Netherlands is a Private Limited Company (BV - Besloten Vennootschap). This is the closest Dutch version to a Limited Liability Company. You don’t even have to be physically present in The Netherlands to start this company - all you have to do is give the power of attorney to someone who can act on your behalf.

Why is a BV the best business structure? - Less taxes (you only pay the profit tax, no VAT) - No personal responsibility (members are responsible within the amount of their stock input) - Cheaper to register - Starting capital can be as little as 1 cent

It takes up to one month to prepare the paperwork, register a company and open the bank account. There are many companies in The Netherlands that offer virtual office services and can provide you with a company address and administration management for 200 EUR/year.

If you would like to explore more options for establishing a company - here is a simple test which will help you choose the suitable legal entity form:

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