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Countries with lowest taxes

Nobody likes to pay taxes and it’s understandable. However, there are several countries in the world that have no income tax for its citizens at all.

These countries are: The Bahamas Bahrain Brunei Cayman Islands Kuwait Maldives Monaco Nauru Oman Qatar Saint Kitts and Nevis Somalia United Arab Emirates Vanuatu Western Sahara

Some countries have very low income taxes for businesses: Northern Macedonia: 7.4% Qatar: 11.3% Kuwait:12.8% Bahrain: 13.5% Lesotho: 13.6% Saudi Arabia: 14.5% Zambia: 14.8% United Arab Emirates: 14.8% Georgia: 16.4% Singapore: 18.4% Croatia: 18.8% Luxembourg: 20.2% Armenia: 20.4% Namibia: 20.7% Cambodia: 21% Canada: 21% Montenegro: 22.3% Hong Kong: 22.8%

In other countries, a few ways of tax optimization, which means legal ways to pay less taxes include: Investing money Creating a retirement fund Buying state bonds

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