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Discount for cases on visitation rights

Divorce can be tough and very traumatising. It is often so that parents cannot continue communicating with each other and the child is deprived of that opportunity as well. One of the parents for example doesn’t allow the child to see its mother/father. However, it has been recognised by the Ukrainian Supreme Court that a child should be raised by both parents and that seeing both of them regularly has a positive effect on its development. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that a court can grant guarantees for the participation of a parent, who lives separately, in the upbringing of a child.

Also, if the former spouses are constantly fighting when they meet each other - a child should enjoy private meetings with the mother/father who lives separately, so that it is not stressed by quarrels.

Our law firm is dealing with cases like this and we would like to offer a discount to potential clients, whose case involves granting regular meetings with their children (visitation rights). If you think that you are deprived of the possibility to see your child often enough - contact us and we will help you to arrange it:, 067 077 33 99


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